ZuluTrade Review – Beyond Basic Copy Trading

ZuluTrade Review – Beyond Basic Copy Trading

Copy trading is a new concept, but not so new that you would expect it to be in its infancy. You can say that it has been around for enough time to offer you some advancements in it.

What you couldn’t do in the past as a copy trader is now possible, thanks to the many amazing features introduced by some of the best online platforms dedicated to copy trading. You can discover such a platform in my ZuluTrade review and find out everything about it. 

ZuluTrade Copy Trading Services
ZuluTrade Copy Trading Services

I want to tell you about this platform’s best features that make it unique and better than most of its competitors. So, without waiting any further, let’s dive into this ZuluTrade review.  

The ZuluGuard Feature

This is yet another feature that I am sure you will not find on other similar platforms that claim to be the best in the industry. Despite the fact that they claim to be the best, they never thought of something as innovative as the ZuluGuard feature from ZuluTrade.

So, what exactly is this feature and what does it do? It does something amazing that will definitely impress you. It protects you from following a trader that’s causing damage to your funds. How does that happen? Well, when you pick a trader, you define certain limits within which you want to keep everything. 

You don’t want to go above a certain risk barrier and keep your losses to a certain point. If a trader starts trading in such a way that those thresholds are met or are about to be crossed, ZuluGuard will remove that trader from your portfolio right away.

Truth is... Trading is not easy

This way, you will not be following them and losing more money. In other words, you can say that this platform makes trading pretty safe for you that it doesn’t let you incur an indefinite loss without you knowing.

Social Features of the Platform

If you go back just a few years, you will find out that copy trading was nothing more than you mirroring the trades of some people. You didn’t know how good or bad they are at trading. Moreover, you had no idea who you were following.

Today, things have changed and people have to thank platforms like ZuluTrade that have come up with truly social features. So, today, you can talk to the people who you are copying and learn from them all the trading strategies that they apply on a daily basis. This way, you won’t be following them blindly but also knowing to do the same things yourself. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to become a copy trader but also want to go beyond the basics of it, I think ZuluTrade will be just the perfect platform for you. It offers you great trading features and takes copy trading to the next level, which I haven’t seen its competitors offering as yet. 

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